Three words every musician wants to hear...“You sound good.” 

Two words no musician want to hear...“You’re sick.” 

Eternal gratitude to the medical team at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center for keeping the music alive.

Bionic warrior Rik inspired these great doctors so much that they made this video as he healed and returned to trumpet playing. The video helped raise over six million dollars for medical research at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center.

We supported the medical team by sending weekly Songs Of Comfort videos as they cared for Corona-virus patients. These videos were also posted weekly on Canvas, the PBS Newshour online arts platform.

Songs Of Comfort


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Pandemic Lockdown Week # Injustice

 “I have been to the mountaintop.” MLK 

The maelstrom of double pandemic—injustice and disease—keeping us so long separated from loved ones and human decency is too sad.

Songs Of Comfort


Have A Little Faith In Me 

Pandemic Lockdown Week # I Can’t Breathe

RIP George Floyd. 

May his horrendous death not be in vain. 

Spread the love, friends.

Songs Of Comfort


I Love You Madly

Pandemic Lockdown Week #5

This composition by Linda for Rik has cheered audiences at CBGBs, The Big Apple Circus and The Boston Pops. We hope it cheers you, too. 

We still love you madly. Stay safe ’til we meet again.